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The article establishes the impact of corruption on the economic and national security of the country, what dangers and threats it poses to economic entities. The role of corrupt practices in the economic activity of economic entities was considered. The approaches of scientists to the understanding of the concept of "economic security" were studied and the author's interpretation of it was proposed. Thus, economic security is proposed to understand the state of protection of economic interests of individuals, society and the state from internal and external threats, which contributes to economic development. The most negative consequences of the impact of corruption on the economy, creating a threat to the economic and national security of the country, have been disclosed. These include the expansion of the shadow economy, violation of market competitiveness, inefficient use of budget funds, higher prices for products as a result of "corruption costs", deterioration of the investment climate, increased corruption in non-governmental organizations, the merger of crime and the legal economy, lack of effective private owners, declining confidence in the state, etc. It is also noted that corruption has a positive impact on the economy and political development of the country. The dynamics of the Corruption Perception Index, corruption manifestations are analyzed. The causes of obstacles to foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine, the severity of different types of corruption and the level of corruption in different areas of public activity according to the results of a survey of the population and businessmen, conducted by the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption in 2021, were studied. It is noted that Ukraine is doing a lot on the way to overcome corruption, but its efforts do not achieve the desired success because of the habituation to corruptive manifestations of the population. The impact of corruption on different spheres of social life and sectors of the economy, enterprises of different types and forms of ownership was characterized. It is noted that the main emphasis in combating corruption should be focused on the ways of determination, and the main determinants of corruption have been identified. The factors forming the demand for corrupt agreements and becoming threats to the economic security of economic entities have also been studied. The directions of prevention of corruption threats to the economic security of the country and entrepreneurship are proposed.


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Author Biographies

Zinaida Zhyvko, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Professor of the Department of Management, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Lviv, Ukraine

Vadym Hura, KROK University

Postgraduate student, Management Technologies Department, “KROK University, Kyiv, Ukrane


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Zhyvko, Z., & Hura, V. (2023). CORRUPTION MANIFESTATIONS IN THE SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC SECURITY OF ECONOMIC ENTITIES. Economics, Finance and Management Review, (1), 28–39.



Chapter 1. Current trends in economic development

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