Copyright and Licensing

Authors retain copyright and entitle the “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ  to publish original scientific articles containing the results of experimental and theoretical studies and are not under consideration for publication in other issues. All materials are spread under license conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If the article is accepted for publication in the ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT REVIEW the author has to sign an agreement on the transference of copyright. The agreement is sent to the postal (original) or e-mail address (scanned copy) of the journal editorial staff.

By this agreement the author certifies that the submitted material:

  • does not violate the copyright of other persons or organizations;
  • has not been previously published in other publishing houses and has not been submitted for publication in other editions.

The author passes to the “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ  right to:

  • publication of article in English and distribution of its printed version.
  • distribution of the electronic version of the article via any electronic means (placing on the official web-site of the journal, in electronic databases, repositories, etc.).

The author reserves the right without agreement with the founder of “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ :

  1. to use the materials of the article completely or partly for educational purposes;
  2. to use the materials of the article completely or partly to write their own theses;
  3. to use the materials of the article for the preparation of thesis, conference reports, as well as oral presentations.
  4. To place electronic copies of the article (including the final electronic version downloaded from the official web-site of the journal) on:
    • personal web-resources of all authors (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.);
    • web resources of institutions where authors work (including electronic institutional repositories);
    • non-commercial open-source web-resources.

In all cases, the evidence of a bibliographic reference to an article or hyperlink to its electronic copy on the official website of the journal is compulsive.

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