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The necessity of attracting foreign investments into the national economy is substantiated. The study identified factors that affect investment cooperation and the volume of investment. The analyzed movement of investments between Ukraine and the EU in the sectoral breakdown of country in the last twenty years. The movement of investments between Ukraine and EU countries in the sectoral and country context for the last twenty years is analyzed. It is noted that the benefits of direct investment are inherent in both the recipient country and the investor country. The article outlines the benefits of investment cooperation for Ukraine and the EU. The main problems on the way to promoting effective investment cooperation are generalized. Analysis of investment flows and observations prove positive changes in investment cooperation and it became especially noticeable with the election of the European vector of development of Ukraine’s foreign economic relations and the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The projected data are calculated on the basis of statistical data on investment flows between Ukraine and the EU without taking into account external factors influencing economic development. The article states that the constructed trend coincides with the global trend of the world economy. Based on the analysis of investment cooperation between Ukraine and the EU, and to improve it the author proposes the creation of a register of economically and technically viable investment projects in accordance with the priority of development of economic sectors, with taking into account the national interests of all regions of the country, promoting the direction of foreign capital to those regions, sectors and projects that are most in need. Priority sectors for foreign investment have been identified, steps to improve investment cooperation between Ukraine and EU countries have been proposed, and ways to overcome obstacles to the movement of foreign direct investment have been identified in the article. </em></p> Svitlana Tkalenko Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 4 11 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-4 CLUSTER ANALYSIS OF REGIONAL MARKETS OF AUTOCLAVE AERATED CONCRETE IN UKRAINE BY PRICE LEVEL AND SUPPLY LEVEL INDICATORS <p><em>One of the key priorities of the construction industry is well-balanced provision of the country’s regions with modern building and construction materials. That is why the research of the balance between supply and demand in the regional markets of Ukraine is extremely important. The object of this study is the aerated concrete market of Ukraine. The purpose of the work is to carry out a cluster analysis of regional aerated concrete markets of Ukraine in terms of price level and supply level. The article examines the situation in regional markets for aerated concrete as one of the leading wall materials, resulting in specifying regional trends in prices for this wall material, as well as proves the need for state regulation of its prices in a particular region in order to increase construction and reduce disparities in prices. The paper identifies the degree of monopoly of the aerated concrete market of Ukraine in the conditions of oligopoly. The author considers the location of aerated concrete enterprises in Ukraine and identifies the directions and scopes of distribution of their products based on such data as sales volume and regional sales structure of each manufacturer. The study analyzes the supply of aerated concrete in each region and evaluates the proportion of its distribution on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with such factors as the area of the region, its population and the size of regional GDP. As a result, it is found out that in some regions there are disparities between supply and demand. However, in most regions of Ukraine the aerated concrete market is balanced. </em></p> Olha Skrypnyk Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 12 22 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-12 A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE COST OF LIVING AND QUALITY OF LIFE BETWEEN NORTH AFRICAN COUNTRIES <p><em>Through research and delving into the issue of the cost of living, as it is considered one of the important matters that concern the citizen and business owners and companies, as there are many studies, research, abstracts, reports and articles about the cost of living in different cities around the world. Although these studies are rich and powerful, only final results, such as city rankings, or summaries of most important and least-ranked cities, are published without price indexes displayed and compared. But through this paper, we aim to study a comparison between the most livable city countries in North Africa and the quality of life in them, using a presentation and comparison of cost-of-living data for the year 2020/2021.</em></p> <p><em>We will compare the outputs for the price indexes between the countries and cities under study, as these countries under study have a contiguous geographical location in North Africa and also have many common factors that were the reason behind the study and comparison of the cost of living in them, where this type of analysis and comparison to help people or business owners determine which city will be moved to reduce the cost of living.</em></p> Taha Mohamed Daab Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 23 34 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-23 ECOLOGICAL AND ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF ROOF GREENING <p><em>One of the rational ways to solve the problem of environmental pollution and energy savings is landscaping roofs. Their creation is becoming an increasingly popular element of ecological construction. The purpose of this article is to study the state of landscaping of roofs of buildings in the city of Lviv to identify environmental and economic problems and develop incentives to combat themTo achieve the goal of the study, a comprehensive approach was used, which includes the generalization and analysis of information, current regulations and experience in installing "green" roofs. While disclosing the content of the "green roof", a logical method was used. Methods of system analysis were used to identify structural links between landscaping roofs and solving environmental and economic problems; comparative analysis allowed to compare phenomena in order to establish similarities or differences between them.</em><em> The article highlights the essence of the concept of "green" roof. Features of extensive type of roof landscaping and its ecological and economic problems are given. The calculation of the reduction of surface wastewater volume during the installation of green roofs at PJSC "Lvivsilmash Plant" was made and recommendations for their proper functioning were formed. Incentive measures to overcome environmental and economic problems of living roofs have been developed. Urban farming is proposed as a new element of ecological and economic policy of Lviv. Conclusions. The use of landscaping of roofs in both industrial zones and residential areas makes it possible to create a comfortable environment close to natural conditions, increases the recreational and aesthetic attractiveness of the urban environment and improves its economic performance.</em></p> Oksana Halevych Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 35 48 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-35 INNOVATIVE FACTORS OF NETWORK COMPANIES ECONOMIC INTEGRATION <p><em>The article proves the importance of innovative development for the successful economic integration of network companies. The innovative development of network companies is determined by increasing the level of competitiveness through the use of their capabilities for rapid updating of products, coordination of efforts to develop new products and technologies, active dissemination of innovations and their implementation. Factors of innovative development have a specific effect on each network. The most effective ones are the joint acquisition of the latest technologies for the production and sale of innovative products (including in international markets), joint efforts in the field of staff training and improving the efficiency of resource and organizational interaction. The combined effect of these factors leads to an increase in knowledge-intensity of products and sales of innovative products (services). The combination of competitive advantages related to network integration benefits and innovation opportunities creates new sources of efficient network operation and development. To activate the factors of innovative development, it has been proposed to form effective models of network interaction in the field of joint acquisition of new technologies, materials, related services; to increase the level of technological support, which affects the intellectualization of network companies; to optimize human resources management, which will determine the ability of staff to promote the creation and implementation of the latest innovative developments.</em></p> Irina Petrova Bohdan Viktorov Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 49 59 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-49 IMPACT OF THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ON THE ACCOUNTING PARADIGM <p><em>The article is devoted to the justification of the modern paradigm </em><em>of accounting, based on the principles of concepts of sustainable development and social responsibility of business. The purpose of the research is to clarify organizational and methodological aspects of the functioning of the existing accounting system in Ukraine and determine the directions for further improvement of information support of socially responsible business from the positions of: 1) expansion of accounting objects, taking into account the impact on the accounting system of complications of management processesI, increasing the uncertainty of the external environment, increasing the role of digitization of society; 2) increasing the requirements for the components of social reporting (taking into account the needs of users) with the obligatory observance of common principles of preparation of accounting information; 3) continuity of professional education of accountants to increase their qualifications and prestige of the profession; 4) activation of professional organizations of accountants and auditors when justifying proposals for the creation of information infrastructure adequate to the requirements of the market economy in the interests of all members of society. To achieve this goal, the need to improve the methodology of accounting and reporting of domestic enterprises in three interdependence areas: risk-orientedness is scientifically substantiated; social focus; digital-oriented. At the level of practical developments in terms of improving the accounting policy of domestic enterprises, the results of scientific research aimed at solving specific problems in the field of socially oriented accounting are presented. </em></p> Larysa Hnylytska Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 60 66 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-60-66 ADAPTATION OF THE STRATEGY OF INTERNET PROMOTION OF ADVERTISING SERVICES FOR MANAGEMENT OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING <p><em>The article considers methodical approaches to the adaptation of the strategy of Internet promotion of advertising services for apartment building management with the help of Internet marketing tools. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the choice of effective Internet marketing tools for advertising apartment building management services. The article considers the main tools of Internet marketing to promote advertising services for the management of an apartment building through social networks. Changes in the legal acts of Ukraine on preventing the monopolization of apartment building management services and on promoting the increase in the number of private companies in this area of ​​activity are analyzed. It was found that the field of apartment building management services for private companies is quite new, citizens are poorly informed about the activities of these businesses, which necessitates significant investment in advertising. In order for advertising to have an effect, it is necessary to develop a clear strategy for promoting advertising and find effective tools for Internet marketing. It is noted that modern Internet marketing tools include the promotion of advertising through search engines of web browsers and social networks. The dynamics of the number of users of social networks in Ukraine is studied. It was revealed that as of January 1, 2020, there were 27.46 million Internet users in Ukraine. The number of social network users in Ukraine is as follows: Facebook has 13 million users, Instagram has 11 million users, LinkedIn has 2.9 million users. It is noted that the advertising of apartment building management services is for collective and individual consumers. When creating advertising, it is advisable to distinguish between the following hierarchical levels: houses that belong to the elite housing, houses that can be classified as "business", houses of "comfort" and "smart (economy)" class. It was found that the most effective social network for the promotion of apartment building management services for collective consumers is search query advertising, and for individual consumers - the social network Facebook. The essence of tools and methods is revealed and the expediency of promoting an advertising campaign for the provision of utilities on the social network Facebook is substantiated. A step-by-step plan for the formation and promotion of the advertising campaign of enterprises that provide apartment building management services has been drawn up. The following is proposed for collective and individual consumers of communal services allocated within the legislation: for collective consumers to configure advertisements of services through a search query, for individual consumers it is recommended to configure targeted advertising through the social network Facebook.</em></p> Valeriia Loiko Stanislav Maliar Yelyzaveta Loiko Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 67 74 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-67 PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES OF MILITARY REGISTRATION SPECIALISTS AS A FACTOR FOR ENSURING BUSINESS SECURITY <p><em>The article explores the problem of implementing the competency-based approach and the formation of certain competencies. The purpose of the article is to develop a list of professional competencies of specialists in military accounting of enterprises. </em><em>In order to achieve this goal, the article used general methods of cognition: analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. </em><em>The study provided an opportunity to determine the list of professional competencies of specialists in military accounting of enterprises that can be used in the development of standards for their training and retraining.</em></p> Oleksandr Pravdyvets Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 75 80 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-75 EXPERIENCE OF LEADING COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD REGARDING THE ORGANIZATION OF EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS SECURITY <p><em>Recently, in all countries of the world there is a question of ensuring the safety of all participants in the educational process of relations between educational institutions. That is why the aim of the article was to study the experience of leading countries in the field of security in educational institutions. The research methodology included a comparative analysis of the world's efforts to ensure security in educational institutions and the search for new ways to improve. The main threats to the security of educational institutions have been identified, namely: terrorist acts; the impact on students of persons who use psychoactive substances; inadequate actions of people with mental disorders; criminal actions of criminal elements; interpersonal conflicts in study groups; man-made disasters, fires, etc. It is established that the system of identification of their employees - teachers, students and other members of the educational staff is of great importance for ensuring the security of educational institutions. It was found that trainings and other types of training are conducted for all participants of the educational process to ensure the safety of educational institutions. Educational institutions of the world's leading countries have formed their security policy in internal documents, which define the main directions, principles, tasks and technologies of activities to combat external and internal threats.</em></p> Mykhailo Laptiev Oleksandr Zakharov Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 81 90 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-81 ORGANIZATIONAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF OMBUDSMAN’S ACTIVITY IN INSURANCE <p><em>Every year, more and more countries around the world involve the public and independent experts in regulating the activities of institutions, including the insurance market. </em><em>The purpose of the article is to study the legal and organizational aspects of the ombudsman in insurance.</em> <em>To solve this goal, the method of systematization of criteria was used; historical method for the chronology of the creation of ombudsmen in the financial market; identification of models for organizing the activities of ombudsmen in the insurance market.</em><em> In the European Union, there are two models of organizing the work of the ombudsman in the financial market, including the insurance market: the British and the German. Based on the study of nominative acts of the European Union, the main criteria that must be met by the institution that provides alternative dispute resolution (ombudsman), namely: accessibility; professionalism, independence, impartiality; transparency; efficiency; justice (impartiality); freedom. It is established that the competent authorities of individual states must compile lists of ABC institutions that meet the requirements set out in the Directive and make this information publicly available.</em></p> Nataliia Vitomska Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 91 98 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-91 DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE: PUBLIC AND MANAGEMENT ASPECT <p><em>The </em><em>academic paper </em><em>is devoted to the study of theoretical and methodological aspects of public infrastructure management at the regional level</em><em>.</em> <em>It has been determined that the regional infrastructure is an organizational and economic system; it includes a territorial and sectoral complex of facilities and areas of activity that meet the needs of the region in resources, products and services necessary for functioning, reproduction and development of economic entities</em><em>.</em> <em>It </em><em>has been</em><em> substantiated that the foundation of economic growth and sustainable development </em><em>lies in</em><em> effective state management of regional development.</em> <em>It </em><em>should be noted </em><em>that the important role of ensuring competitiveness is </em><em>set on the public management</em><em>, which in turn depends on the level of infrastructure development, market, financial and other levers of influence.</em> <em>According to</em><em> data of</em><em> the European Commission in 2019, it </em><em>has been</em> <em>established </em><em>that the first place in Europe in terms of regional infrastructure is</em><em> occupied by</em><em> London, which indicates the effectiveness of state measures for infrastructure management.</em> <em>A conceptual model of the </em><em>public</em><em> management system of regional infrastructure has been developed.</em> <em>As a result of the </em><em>research</em><em>, it </em><em>has been</em><em> found that the long-term development of the regional infrastructure is determined by the balanced functioning of all its elements, as well as the formation of a favorable environment for generating and maintaining the potential of the territor</em><em>y needed to find new factors of production on the basis of innovative approaches, increasing the rate of economic growth of the regional economy, and ultimately, improving living standards.</em></p> Zoriana Buryk Copyright (c) 2021 “Scientific Center of Innovative Researches” OÜ 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 1 99 108 10.36690/2674-5208-2021-1-99