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With the increasing interest in the concept of governance, this research aims to draw attention the role of corporate governance for modernization the companies administration and its impact on the development of the economy. especially that the concept of good governance is of great importance, especially in view of the transformations and developments that have afflicted the states and societies in recent decades, through a set of reforms that have affected many areas and that aim to Modernization and development administration in institutions, which suffers from a set of problems and which constitute an obstacle to achieving the objectives of the public service to raise the quality of services and development of the economy. The results showed that that applying the concept of good governance as a tool or a system for the modernization administration and development of economy , will inevitably have an effective impact on modernizing of corporate administration and achieving economic development, by making the administration impartial and at the service of society.


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Author Biography

Ali Abdalqhadr, KROK University

Postgraduate student, «KROK» University, Kyiv, Ukraine; e-mail:, ORCID:


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