Development of a methodical approach to rating to assess the economic security of institutions of professional pre-higher education




institution of professional higher education, methodical approach, rating, threat, economic security


The article is devoted to the development of a solution for creating a ranking of institutions of professional higher education. The purpose of the article is to develop a methodological approach to the rating of professional higher education institutions to assess their economic security. The research methodology involves the use of general scientific (induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, comparison and generalization) and special (coefficient method, integral method, experiment) research methods. The developed methodological approach involves the calculation of the following indicators: indicators for assessing the academic environment of institutions of professional higher education; indicators of evaluation of partnerships with employers; indicators for assessing the formation of academic integrity among participants in the educational process; indicators for evaluating the implementation of non-formal education; indicators of evaluation of international cooperation; indicators of evaluation of content analysis of the official website; indicators of assessing the reputation in the external environment. The methodological approach involves the distribution of sources of information on the basis of which the calculation of indicators on the "open" (O) and "closed" (C). The obtained result will characterize the compliance of the institution of professional higher education with the proposed indicators, the level of success of participation in the ranking, prospects in the formation of the contingent of students who will ensure its economic security. The proposed methodological approach, on the one hand, allows the administration of the institution to identify challenges and anticipate threats that may affect their competitiveness and economic security, and, on the other - to inform all stakeholders about the economic security of higher education institutions to make appropriate decisions. In order to test the proposed methodological approach, the calculations of the integrated rating indicator were performed on the basis of the data of the Professional College of the KROK University, which showed a sufficient level. This is confirmed by the stability of the quantitative indicator of the contingent of educational institutions at all stages of its development, but to increase the level of competitiveness, it is necessary to pay attention to certain shortcomings that may reduce its economic security.

Author Biography

Liudmyla Sumbaieva, KROK University

Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor of the Department of Financial and Economic Security Management, Director of the Professional College of KROK University, KROK University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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