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risks, threats, enterprise management, security activities, economic security of the enterprise, risk management, compliance control


The article provides a theoretical analysis of the organization of security activities in enterprises, which is proposed to mean activities to ensure the most efficient use of available resources to protect their interests from the effects of internal and external threats, as well as adaptation to existing conditions with minimal losses. Theoretical bases of essence of safety activity of the enterprises as bases for maintenance of effective functioning of the enterprises in the conditions of competition are substantiated. It is proposed to position security activities as a management technology in the enterprise, which contributes to the achievement of strategy and a high level of competitiveness in the market. Currently, businesses face an increasing number of risks and threats that arise from a significant level of uncertainty in the environment, as well as illegal intentional or unintentional actions of employees. The impact of such threats has significant negative consequences on the results of enterprises, their image, market position and so on. Therefore, special attention is paid to the details of the process of risk management and compliance control in order to achieve a high level of economic security of the enterprise. Using methods of analysis, scientific abstraction, formal logic and logical generalization to determine the essence of the main categories in the field of security activities of enterprises and risk management. A comparison of risk management and a comprehensive enterprise risk management system is made. The advantages of using a comprehensive risk management system are analyzed. The ERM concept is characterized as an approach to enterprise management that integrates strategic planning, operations management and internal control and is based on risk accounting. Comparisons were made and differences were established between compliance control and internal audit at the enterprise.

Author Biography

Yulia Ilkiv, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs

Ph.D. Researcher, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Lviv, Ukraine


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