economic security of state, transdisciplinary approach, self-organization, China’s economy, law of measure or golden section and its derrivatives


The article proposes to analyze the theme of self-organization of China’s economy and examining the issues of security of the economy of the state from the point of view of the systematic and self-organizational approaches. The main scientific tried to explaining the reasons for the growth of the shadow economy. R. Coase and his followers, the shadowing of the economy is linked to the costs of using the market mechanism or transactional costs.. Soto. the main reason for the emergence of mass shadow economic activity should be considered to be an inefficient legal regime, not the "failures of the market" but the "failures of the state" are the main threat to the national economy. Tries to consider the mechanism of self-organizational development for ensuring economic security, which is a complex concept that presupposes the protection of the most important elements of the economic system and self-sufficiency in the occurrence of destabilizing internal and external factors that threaten it, rhythm of it’s functioning. Investigation of security issues of the state's economy should be based on transdisciplinary approach and use Nature’s like models. Also it should be methods of theory of system and theory of synergetic considered on the mechanism of self-organizational. The economic system must be open, non-equilibrium, nonlinear and emergent. Nonlinearity describes its behavior by nonlinear multifactor equations, with small changes in the system parameters its state and properties change abruptly. Accordingly, first, the formulation of a diversified structure of energy imports, and second, the development, improvement and implementation of energy-saving technologies domestically.

The cybernetic approach of self-organization dominates the Chinese economy, state intervention is actively present in economic relations, sometimes over-regulation in one area and under-regulation in the other sphere adversely affect the stability of the economic system. Designing of the system of economic security of the state (as a special case of designing a sustainable system based on the principles of self-organization) we should comply with the law of structural harmony of the systems, the attractor of the golden ratio or be carried out on the basis of a recursive series of golden sections: 0.618 ...; 0.682 ...; 0.725 ...; 0.755 ... 1.0 as the nodes of the measure and involves the transitions of integrated measures of system from one node to another.


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Author Biographies

Tatiana Yegorova-Gudkova, Odessa Mechnikov’s National University

Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Economic-Law Department, Odessa Mechnikov’s National University, Odessa, Ukraine

Panj Li, Odessa Mechnikov’s National University

Magister’s Student of Economic-Law Department, Odessa Mechnikov’s National University, Odessa, Ukraine


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