• Mykola Denisenko Kyiv National University of Technology and Design
  • Zorina Shatska Kyiv National University of Technology and Design



world business, enterprise, business structure, globalized space, global problems of humanity, integration


It is proved that the development of modern business is influenced by many external factors, were named «global problems» of humanity. Annually, the number and depth of humanity's global problems is only increasing. It is proved that all global problems are interconnected and form the so-called “global syndrome”. Finding out about the global problems of humanity will help you better understand the future prospects for the development of world and individual businesses. It is determined that the world business is now in the third wave of development namely “prosumer economics”; changing views on the effectiveness of the enterprise; reorientation and transformation of mass production enterprises to small-scale or flexible production under the order of a specific consumer; transform large corporations, reorienting themselves into business structures; transition of the world business to the active use of information technologies. These trends indicate a change in the modern sustainable account a new stage of the evolutionary development of world business and modern global trends in the formation of business structures. The prerequisites for the formation of business structures are generalized. The main prerequisites for the formation of renew business structures in the context of modern globalized space are the following: permanent changes in the external and internal economic conditions of an enterprise, caused by instability of socio-economic processes in the national economy, to which it must constantly adapt;the modern enterprise must reach the mega level, becoming a subject of international relations, joining the pegonal and economic and economic associations and transnational corporations, international corporations; by increasing the convergence process as a long-term goal of convergence between countries or regions, due to the impact of globalization and the rise in investment potential, the speed of experience and technology; implementation of new ways of organizing production and marketing of products due to the rapid development of new technologies, global processes of globalization and integration; formation of a single system of international planning and distribution of material goods, the formation of a joint world-wide government in context to transformation (or merger) into a complex integrated business structure.


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Author Biographies

Mykola Denisenko, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor of Business Economics and Tourism Department, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Kyiv, Ukraine

Zorina Shatska, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

PhD (Economics), associate Professor of Business Economics and Tourism Department, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Kyiv, Ukraine


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Chapter 1. Current trends in economic development