• R. Divyaranjani AMET University
  • A. Shameem AMET University
  • Sakthi Kesav AMET University




method of transporting, Air freight, Road transport, motorized carriages, non-motorized carriages, management


The article is related to the study of export procedures and their documentation for various types of transportation. Research objective are to analyse the role of different entities in the whole process; a brief on export procedures and documentation in air cargo; a statistical analysis and representation of export data; evaluate the problem and suggested solutions for the system. A research design is the detailed blueprint used to guide a research study towards its objectives. It helps to collect, measure and analysis of data. It is a detailed plan of action for the researcher which defines problem, identify data. It helps to make the research as efficient as possible. Descriptive research seeks to ascertain certain magnitude by making complete study of the topic. It is used in this project to find the effectiveness of air cargo. The researchers was able to understand the importance of information and the flow of information in the right manner within an organization from one department to other Performance management should be integrated vertically linking the strategies objectives of the organization to the execution of activities which will enable their achievement. The performance being managed should reflect the requirements, wants and needs of all of the key stakeholders of the organization and not just reflect a limited set. The performance monitoring, review and action panning process should e structured around the strategic performance objectives of the organization. Processes and systems should be designed to extract and communicate insights rather than performance data. All systems and processes should be aligned with each other, driving behavior towards the performance objectives. Effort should be dedicated to developing an appropriate culture to engage the organization’s employees and elicit commitment to performance objectives Generally, the study helped to fill the gap between theory and practice. Finally, the complete the study on Air Freight in Meenakshi Cargo Forwarders Pvt Ltd was fully understood and the pitfalls have been identified.


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Author Biographies

R. Divyaranjani, AMET University

Assistant Professor, AMET Business School, AMET University

A. Shameem, AMET University

Professor, AMET Business School, AMET University

Sakthi Kesav, AMET University

MBA Student, AMET Business School, AMET University


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Divyaranjani, R., Shameem, A., & Kesav, S. (2023). A SPECIAL STUDY ON EXPORT PROCEDURE AND DOCUMENTATION ON MEENAKSHI CARGO FORWARD PRIVATE LIMTIED. Economics, Finance and Management Review, (2), 110–119. https://doi.org/10.36690/2674-5208-2023-2-110-119



Chapter 3. Modern management technologies