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The article is devoted to the coverage of Israel’s experience in the field of agrarian and rural development and justification possible directions of implementation in Ukraine of Israeli positive practices. Consider the experience of the development of agriculture in Israel in the context of prospects for cooperation with Ukraine. To analyse the prerequisites for intensive development of the Israeli agro-industrial sector. To determine the achievements of Israeli agriculture. To highlight the current state of bilateral economic relations between Ukraine and Israel in the agrarian sphere and to determine promising areas of cooperation. Comparative-descriptive, historical-analytical, relevant, extrapolation. The article uses general scientific methods of induction and deduction. The first involves a transition in the process of cognition from individual knowledge to general knowledge, from the accumulated y the process of learning reliable individual facts before establishing certain regularities of the historical process, formulation of laws, which, in turn, contribute to the knowledge of individual phenomena, facts, processes, i.e. serve the basis of deduction – the transition from the general to the individual. Thus, the deductive method greatly facilitates and accelerates the process of historical research and provides an image of a certain historical phenomenon in the background general historical processes. The article helps us to consider experience of development of agriculture of Israel in context of perspectives of cooperation with Ukraine; to analyze premises of intense development of agro-industrial sector of Israel; to define achievements of agriculture of Israel; to show contemporary condition of economic relations between Ukraine and Israel in agrarian sphere and to define perspective directions of cooperation. On the basis of theoretical generalizations, scientific and applied approaches to ensuring the self-reproduction of rural development have been developed, its main principles have been defined, the observance of which ensures the achievement of the goals of sustainable development, guarantees the preservation of rural areas, rural lifestyles and rural traditions along with increasing efficiency of agricultural production.


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Author Biographies

Nadiia Reznik, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor of the Department of Management, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Serhii Dolynskyi, Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»

Ph.D. (Economics), Associated Professor of the Department of Economics and Management, Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine», Khust, Ukraine

Anastasiia Savchuk, State university of trade and economics

Ph.D. (Economics), Associated Professor of journalism and advertising department, State university of trade and economics, Kyiv, Ukraine


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Chapter 1. Current trends in economic development