Management of food provision for vulnerable layers of the Ukraine’s population




food security, vulnerable citizens, targeted assistance, process management, social features, regional features


The topicality of the research paper is based on the fact that taking into consideration the global food crisis we analyzed trends in the domestic and global food sphere and their impact on food security in Ukraine. The author underlines the fact that the aggravation of the crisis in the food markets caused by COVID-19 has led to increased attention to food security in the world. The pandemic has significantly affected food security in all countries of the world. The most immediate impact was due to logistics disruptions caused by various sanitary and epidemiological measures taken by governments to restrict the movement of people and goods. These events have directly affected agribusiness and various value chains in the food production.  Lack of adequate food security poses significant ethical, economic and social problems in all countries of the world, which makes it necessary to study this problem. Each country strives to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency in meeting food needs through its own production. However, the production of sufficient food products is not always fully realized, in particular, its inadequate structure. Proposed research paper focuses on the problem of food security for vulnerable segments of the Ukraine’s population in order to form an adequate food policy. The purpose of this study is to reveal the problem of targeted food support for vulnerable groups in Ukraine as an important alternative process for food security. This research is especially relevant given the need to bring social standards in Ukraine to the EU level, as required by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Author Biography

Sergiy Shcherbyna, KROK University

Ph.D. in Agriculture, associate professor, director of Research Center for Project and Process Management in Agribusiness, professor of the Management Technologies Department, KROK University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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Shcherbyna C.V. (2018). Analytical study of the state of food security in Ukraine in the context of the introduction of targeted assistance in food for the poor /




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