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higher education, postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, law, scientific organization, system, scientific titles, scientific and scientific-technical activity, highly qualified personnel


The article presents an analysis of the main indicators of training of doctoral students, research institutions that train doctoral students, the dynamics of the total cost of scientific and scientific-technical work on the sources of funding. The subject of the research is doctoral higher education as an element of the system of highly qualified personnel in Ukraine. The author developed his own method of the dollar equivalent. The method involves the transfer of costs for scientific and scientific and technical work in a particular period in their dollar equivalent for the average annual exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar according to the NBU. The purpose of the article is to develop theoretical and methodological foundations for the formation and development of the system of training highly qualified personnel, to determine the features of improving the quality of doctoral education. The dynamics of the total number of doctoral students (including their number by branches of science), as well as persons who completed doctoral studies in 2000-2019 are presented. The preparation structure of doctorates degrees by organizations in per cent ratio is constructed. The dynamics of total costs for scientific and technical work by sources of funding is presented comparison of financial indicators was carried out according to the method of calculating the index of scientific products and the method of dollar equivalent (it is own development). The proposed method of comparing the funding of science (finding the dollar equivalent) shows a reduction in funding for both scientific and scientific and technical work. Taking into account the deflator index of scientific products shows that the real costs of science in Ukraine have decreased. The dynamics of the state order for the training of doctors of sciences in 2014-2020 and the forecast estimate for the 2021-2022 academic year of the number of people are analyzed. In order to improve the training quality of qualified personnel, it is necessary to upgrade the legal framework, reduce bureaucracy, improve the requirements for the defense of dissertations and doctoral theses, increase funding for education and science and not the survival of scientists. To solve the problem of reducing the number of highly qualified personnel in Ukraine, it is necessary to take measures at the state level, raise the prestige of scientific activity, improve social protection.

Author Biography

Alina Udovenko, KROK University

Assistant and lecturer at the Department of Applied Medicine, KROK University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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