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energy strategy, energy security, energy resources


Developing an energy policy is a long term challenge. This needs a clear but flexible framework: clear in that it represents an approach endorsed at the highest level, flexible in that it needs periodic updating. This allows stocktaking, monitoring progress and identifying new challenges and responses on all aspects of energy policy. The purpose of the research is to investigate the current trends of Ukraine energy strategy development in the context of energy security and identify promising development directions. This paper is based on the traditional methods of scientific knowledge: analysis and synthesis – in identifying energy strategy development in the context of energy security; comparison and compilation – to analyze the experience of Ukraine energy strategy development; statistical method – trends of Ukraine energy strategy development; scientific support methods – to summarize and to formulate conclusions on priority of the Ukrainian state energy policy for providing energy security. These approaches allow to allocate the challenges and opportunities for Ukraine to develop energy sector, to achieve the goals of Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035. The article provides the current development trends of the energy strategy of Ukraine in the situation of integration into the European energy environment. Based on the study, measures are proposed in Ukraine’s energy policy to ensure energy security, which implies diversification of routes and sources of energy resources and technology, a sharp improvement in the effective use of resources, development of renewable energy, a new model for the functioning of the coal industry, integration of energy markets of Ukraine and the European Union, sustainable development of the energy sector.

Author Biography

Yevgeniy Bobrov, KROK University

Doctor of Science (Economics), associate professor, KROK University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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