The essence of readyness of future forestry professionals for professional activity according to information and cognitive criteria




readiness, future specialists, forestry, professional activity, information-cognitive criterion, competences, knowledge, skills, information culture


The article reveals the essence of readiness of future forestry specialists for professional activity according to the information-cognitive criterion. It is established that the criterion is related to reasonable structuring of the content of professional training during classroom classes, introduction of pedagogical technologies, actual justified effective methods of professional training, including formation of professional and personal characteristics of the applicant. The components of the information-cognitive criterion of readiness of future forestry specialists for professional activity are revealed: informational and cognitive. It is established that the information component of the information-cognitive criterion contains the following components: determination of the characteristics of forestry information; identification of information sources; collection of operational information in areas of forest production activities; data processing and analysis using general and special purpose computer technologies; formation of qualitatively new knowledge about forest objects. It is established that the cognitive component contains a set of theoretical knowledge that reflects the intellectual development of the individual, such as understanding the unity and integrity of the scientific picture of the world, the presence of a system of methodological knowledge and categories, the ability to establish intra- and interdisciplinary links. . It is revealed that the content of the cognitive component includes: the system of knowledge both at the level of information and at the level of knowledge that allow to form personal skills and abilities; ability to process the received information, which includes comparison of the received knowledge with own life experience, studying of properties and the analysis of structure of the received data, revealing of their signs and features; the need to master new knowledge that characterizes the presence of cognitive interest; ability to perceive information materials in order to increase the social and professional significance of their own activities. Indicators of information-cognitive criterion are offered: indicator of formation of professional knowledge and receptivity of theoretical material, indicator of comprehension of special forestry theories , indicator of formation of professional competencies.


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Author Biographies

Vasyl Khryk, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University

Ph.D. (Agricultural Sciences), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Forestry, Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine

Dmytro Pashchenko, Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavel Tychyna

Doctor Sciences (Pedagogical Sciences), Professor, Professor of Pedagogy and educational management, Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavel Tychyna, Professor of Pedagogy, psychology and education management, Kyiv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education of Teachers, Uman, Ukraine


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