• Valeriy Hnatenko State Institution “Scientific and Practical Medical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”



state, economic security, national security, factors, threats


The economic security of any country is characterized by the protection of its national interests. The system of economic security of the country is based on understanding and implementation of the concept of national economic interests at the state and international levels, the purpose of which is to maintain a balanced economy, protect it from external and internal threats, the ability to sustainable development. Neglecting of economic security can lead to negative socio-economic consequences, a depressed state of the economic branches, increase of the import dependence level, bankruptcy of market participants, etc. That is why it is important today to guarantee the preconditions for ensuring the economic security of the state and leveling of threats. The aim of article to substantiate the essence and generalize the assessment results of the main factors that influences the formation of economic security of the state. The author used the methods of logical comparison, systematization and generalization, which made it possible to achieve the goal of the study. The main factors of economic security as an important component of national security in the context of globalization have been substantiated and summarized in the article. The factors influencing the economic security of the state have been generalized and the social component has been defined as one of the important factors of economic security. The main directions of guaranteeing the economic security of the state, which are a priority under the conditions of the impact of globalization on the national economy has been identified.


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Author Biography

Valeriy Hnatenko, State Institution “Scientific and Practical Medical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”

Ph.D. (Economics), chief researcher of the State Institution “Scientific and Practical Medical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine, e-mail:, ORCID:


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