Aims and Scope

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND LAW REVIEW (PALR) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on public administration and law in the form of scholarly articles for the world.

PALR practices a policy of open access to published content, upholding the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for general social progress.

PALR focuses on research that has a high level of scientific validation of the findings and presents new important information for a wide scientific community.

The main research topics that are published in the review are:

  • Theory and history of public administration
  • Mechanisms of public administration
  • Regional Administration and Local Government
  • Political and Legal Basis for Public Administration
  • Public Service: Aspects and Practices
  • World Experience of Public Administration
  • Social and Humanitarian Policy
  • Theory and history of state and law; history of political and legal scholars
  • A constitutional right; municipal law; international law
  • Civil law and process, family law
  • Commercial law; economic procedural law
  • Environmental law
  • Labor Law; the right to social protection
  • Administrative law and process; finance law; information law
  • Criminal law and criminology; criminal enforcement law
  • Criminal proceedings and forensics; forensic examination; operative-search activity