• Mykola Veselov National University “Odesa Law Academy”
  • Daria Volkova National University “Odesa Law Academy”
Keywords: foreign experience, police, policeman, protection of police officers, performance of official duties, personal safety


Today, the protection of police officers is one of the important conditions for the effective operation of the National Police as a whole. The object of this study is public relations in the specific field of ensuring the safety of life and health of police officers from unlawful encroachments related to the performance of their professional duties. The purpose of the article is to clarify the features of legal protection of police officers in the performance of their official duties in other countries and outline possible ways to improve this activity in Ukraine. To achieve this goal, general scientific and special methods of scientific research were used. The state and level of legal regulation of police protection in other countries of the world emphasizes the importance of this issue to ensure their rights, as well as the effectiveness of the police in general. It has been established that the protection of police officers in the performance of their official duties is carried out by a number of organizational, logistical and legal measures, which are enshrined in the norms of administrative and criminal law. As a result, the expediency of expanding in the legislation of Ukraine some powers of police officers, which will affect their own safety and guarantee the safety of others, is substantiated. In addition, it is proposed to establish administrative liability for insulting or disrespecting a police officer in the performance of his duties, as well as for slandering a police officer in order to discredit him, imposing severe sanctions for these offenses.

Author Biographies

Mykola Veselov, National University “Odesa Law Academy”

Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law, Kryvyi Rih Faculty, National University “Odesa Law Academy”, Kryvyi Rih - Odesa, Ukraine

Daria Volkova, National University “Odesa Law Academy”

Applicant of the Kryvyi Rih Faculty of the National University “Odesa Law Academy”, Kryvyi Rih - Odesa, Ukraine


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Veselov, M. (2020). Administrative and legal ensure of “the best interests of the child” in the field of junior justice. Public Administration and Law Review, Issue 3: 49–56. DOI:

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