• Oleksandr Aulin KROK University
Keywords: public policy, securitization of Islam, government agencies, government, radical Islamists, Salafists, ideology


The relevance of the article is that today more and more countries are suffering from terrorist attacks and other manifestations of religious and ethnic intolerance. The purpose of the article is to analyze the security sector of the state policy of the leading Muslim countries on Islam with the identification of the most successful approaches that can be used by the state authorities to prevent the manifestations of radical Islamism in Ukraine. Based on the objectives of the study, methods of system analysis, structural-functional and analogy method in public administration were used. As a result, the structural features of the securitization of Islam, as well as the conditions and principles of its application in the public policy of leading Muslim countries. Causal links have been established that have influenced the need to counter radical Islamism. The main ways to solve the problem are identified, taking into account the relationships and structural-functional features of the environment identified during the study. Biggest part of such actions is carried out by supporters of Islam, a significant number of whom also live in modern Ukraine. In this context, it is important to have an objective view of the situation in Muslim communities, where radical Islamists make up a small percentage and, moreover, have a big number of opponents.  Most often they are public authorities. The security policy of Muslim states is twofold. First, measures are taken to spread their influence abroad by disseminating their own interpretation of the holy Islamic books, while leveling similar activities by other Muslim countries in their information space. Second, countering local radical Islamism in the system of state security policy is ensured through the securitization of Islam. Measures to securitize Islam in leading Muslim countries are systemic, well-coordinated, and use all available resources. In order to improve Ukraine's state policy on Islam, the most effective practices of securitization of Islam, tested in the leading Muslim countries, have been proposed.

Author Biography

Oleksandr Aulin, KROK University

Ph.D. (Philosophy), Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and General Disciplines department, KROK University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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