External functions, Hungary, foreign policy, strategic directions, Constitution of the Republic of Hungary, fundamental legal documents of Hungary


Most states implement their main activities through internal and external functions, which serve as a guarantee of peaceful and secure coexistence. However, in order to understand what is the basic basis of Hungarian success, in our opinion, it is necessary to analyze the external function of the Hungarian state under the main legislative – constitutional basis. The issue of state formation today is one of the most common problems in Ukraine inside and outside. It requires a clear definition of the functions of the modern state given the impact of globalization and integration processes in the modern world. This scientific article examines the issues of external functions of the state as a constitutional and legal category with an emphasis on the theoretical and legal aspect of the practice of Hungary. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of different approaches of native and foreign scholars to the external functions of the state from the foundation of modern theory of state and law. It is noticed  that the Ukrainian scientist O. Andrusenko offers several sub-functions of the syncretic external function of the modern state: foreign policy (diplomatic); defense of the state from external military aggression; foreign economic; establishing international humanitarian relations; environmental, or ecological (participation in international environmental protection). It is with the help of this division, which is taken as a basis, that we analyze Hungary’s invaluable experience in this area. It has been resurched that each of these activities of Hungary has its deep roots, the Golden Bull, which created a strong strengthening of the state system in the state, the Tripartite - the first Legal Code, and of course the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary. It is noticed by us the main external directions of the Hungarian government, which have been unchanged and relevant for many years, a key external direction of Hungary even today. We also mention in the same context the above-mentioned sub-functions of different directions of the Strategies of the Hungarian government.

Author Biography

Oleksandra Horbachenko, KROK University

PhD student of law faculty, «KROK» University, Kyiv, Ukraine


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