• Mueen Fandi Alshunnaq Jadara University
  • Rasha Bashar Ismail Alsabbagh Shaqra University
  • Farouq Ahmad Faleh Alazzam Jadara University



intellectual property rights, legal protection, international agreements and treaties, TRIPS Agreement, Paris Agreement, Jordanian trademark law, Jordanian industrial designs law, Jordanian patent law


Intellectual property (IP) is of great importance in the modern era, particularly with the increase in innovations we are witnessing in various fields, therefore, it has become necessary to find new mechanisms to protect the rights of inventors and their intellectual property from all forms of violation. The constant violation of intellectual property has promoted the policy-makers to give more attention to this area and at the international level, for this reason, several agreements and treaties have been concluded between countries, especially the Paris Agreement and the TRIPS Agreement, which are considered among the most important international agreements that deal closely with trade field. These international conventions have created important substantive provisions for intellectual property, and this research aims to find out the importance of IP and the extent to which it is protected at the international and local level. The comparative method, methods of analysis and synthesis are the basis of the research methodology presented in the article.

Author Biographies

Mueen Fandi Alshunnaq, Jadara University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Jadara University, Jordan

Rasha Bashar Ismail Alsabbagh, Shaqra University

Assistant Professor, College of Science and  Humanities, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

Farouq Ahmad Faleh Alazzam, Jadara University

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Jadara University, Jordan


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Alshunnaq, M. F., Alsabbagh, R. . B. I., & Alazzam, F. A. F. (2021). LEGAL PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS UNDER JORDANIAN LEGISLATION AND INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS. Public Administration and Law Review, (3), 18–32.